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This website is where I share some of my personal projects. The contents of the website are mainly focused on AI and games.

Since I'm currently a professional .NET developer, I have started coding this website in C# with .NET Core 2.2 back in 2019 and later on upgraded it to .NET Core 3. Most of the projects I want to integrate into this site also use .NET based technologies such as SignalR.

The website is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure. The database I'm using for some of the projects is a highly scalable Azure SQL Server PaaS instance.

Also I want to thank w3.css for providing this awesome free website template.

Hopefully you will find some of the information on this website interesting or useful. Looking forward to your feedback :)



Solving the Eight Queen Puzzle with Genetic Algorithm

Believe or not, one of my childhood dreams is to write a computer program to solve the classic Eight Queen puzzle. So here we go, I have written a simple Genetic Algorithm implemented in client side JavaScript to do just that. Click here to take a look.

Snake AI Using Greedy Algorithm and Depth-First-Search

I am also very interested in game AI. One of my favourite game AI is the PODbot in the classic Counter-Strike 1.6 made by Markus Klinge from Turtle Rock Studios. It was very ahead of its time IMO. For a long time I did not realize half of players on the server I played on were actually PODbot!

I have implemented two different AI for my WebSocket Snake game (mainly because no one want to play with me). The first one uses simple Greedy Algorithm and the other extends the first one with DFS (Depth-First-Search).

I had a lot of fun implementing and playing with them. You can check it out here.

Image Recognition Using Google Vision API

Computer vision is getting more and more integrated into our daily life. With the help of machine learning and big data technologies, we can now have vision AI that are easily accessible to everyone.

In order to explorer the current computer vision technologies, I have made a simple vision AI page that can (almost) make sense of any image you throw at it. Click here to check it out.

Generative AI Arts with Stable Diffusion

Generative AI art is a groundbreaking field that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create mesmerizing and unique works of visual expression.

Using Stable Diffusion, a generative AI engine. I have converted some of my favourite Game of Thrones characters from the TV series into anime style characters. Click here to check it out.

Stock Analysis with Kelly Criterion (work in progress)

This is a highly experimental stock market analysis tool. The current plan is to use Neural Network with Kelly criterion to calculate the best investment strategy in a given stock market.

The project is still work in progress. The frontend page of the project is available here but still under construction. I will update it as I made more progress. Who doesn't want to make some extra money?

Estimated date of completion: End of 2024. Unless I made millions of dollars from the stock market using this tool before that :)



A Simple WebSocket Multiplayer Tank Battle Game

Just like many other programmers. I have always dreamed to make my own games since I was a kid. While I haven't got a chance to work as a professional game developer. I have made some simple games in my spare time.

I have worked with Microsoft XNA and Valve Source SDK. I was quite excited when HTML Canvas came out because of my web development background. Combined with WebSocket I recently made a simple 2D Tank Battle online multiplayer game from scratch in just three days.

The game still needs a bit more polishing especially on the graphics side. You can check it out here, and please try not to laugh :)

Classic Multiplayer Snake Game Using WebSocket

This is the multiplayer Snake game which I have mentioned earlier in my A.I. section. It uses the same WebSocket game engine. Support up to eight players!

Click here to take a look.



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